Renting a House/Condo:



* Determine the features that you desire in a rental house or condo, such as location, space requirements, rental costs and dates of availability


* Search for a house or condo for rent by contacting a local Real Estate Agent


* Check about security deposits, parking facilities, available security and other features.


* Carefully review the terms of any rental agreement or lease before signing.


How to Qualify for a Rental Property:



Know the addresses of your previous residences and have telephone numbers of your previous landlords on hand when you start the application process. This is basic reference information that is always required.


Present yourself, your personal history and your ability to pay rent in a favorable light. This is particularly true if you're in a special situation - say you're a recently divorced woman who finds herself stretched financially; if you get alimony or child support from your exhusband, make sure the landlord understands this.


Be completely honest in all the information you give. If you supply false information, the landlord has just cause for denying your application. False information could even be cited as a reason to cancel the lease after you've signed it.


Call a few Management Companies/Agents to discuss what you're looking for, and learn what properties are available. Schedule appointments to view properties.


Look at each rental carefully to assess the overall accommodations and to note any damage. Be sure to do the sniff test to check for any leftover odors from pets.


Ask the representative or manager about repairing damage you see, and discuss company guidelines for general and emergency maintenance.